The practical values box (WERTEKoffer englisch)

The ideal way to make practical values more exciting. Tools and materials for working with values. The practical values box for managers and team leaders.

- 1 practical values book German (Live YOUR Best)
- 1 practical values book English (The Power of Action Values)
- 1 packet of practical values cards German
- 1 packet of practical values cards English (Action Values Cards)
- 10 Pocket Guides Our company - Our team
- 10 extension cards Priority values
- 10 Pocket Guides Our values in cooperation
- 90 values feedback cards
- 100 small impulse cards Strengths
- 1 work poster Values snapshot, multifunctional
- 1 motivation poster set There is great in you
- 1 work poster set Our team and group values
- 2 work blocks Our team and group values
- 1 Work poster Priority values team members

The tools in this box to make values exciting allow you to effectively promote the following in teams with a hands-on approach...

Creating value awareness
Making values more exciting in a more intense manner
Effectively focusing on values
Precisely implementing values

Make the following possible and easier for the teams using values:

Cooperating effectively and successfully
Reaching a vision and target more quickly and constructively
Competently dealing with challenges

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